Anzac Avenue
Griffith Park
Phone: 02 9971 0644
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Code of Conduct
For Members and Guests


  • The Collaroy Tennis Club is a local social tennis club with a range of members, covering a wide age range and diverse experience.
  • The facility is leased from Warringah Council and, as such, is a public facility.
  • The facility is immediately adjacent to a large public park with a children’s playground located next to the facility.
  • All members should be respondent to an appropriate set of behaviour expectations to ensure that all play is conducted in a civil and socially responsible manner.
  • All members should feel comfortable to help uphold and reinforce good behaviour, as well as being comfortable to help correct bad behaviour should it occur.

Expected Behaviour

  • All play, whether competition or social, should be conducted in a spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship.
  • Bad language is not acceptable in and around the facility to keep CTC in good standing with all stakeholders, i.e. CTC members, public players, coaching students, attending families and our landlord.
  • All equipment, including racquets and balls, is to be treated with respect.
  • The facilities are expensive to maintain and it is in every member’s best interests to take the greatest care possible to prolong the life of all the equipment, including court surfaces, nets and fences.
  • Throwing of racquets is to be discouraged at all times.
  • Remain aware that there is a high chance of children being in or near the facility, so member behaviour is seen by a broader audience than just the players on the court.

For the full Code of Behaviour guidelines from Tennis Australia, refer to:

Failure to comply will result in a warning or a suspension.